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senpaiseduction: helloo.


A real relationship;

One of the best feelings in the world is knowing that the relationship you’ve with your significant one is 100% true. In today’s generation we see too many he said this or she said this, but all in reality someone alway gets hurt by lies and leads to deathly insecurities. I’m not saying that my relationship is the best, but we’ve many ups and downs, and that only led us to becoming stronger. I know that I can be a hard time when I’m overly concerned and over think things that shouldn’t have been, but I’m so blessed to have him stay with me through it all. I really do believe that he’s going to be the one I spend the rest of my life with. He respects not just me but my family and friends. I know that he is really his best to always make me happy even from the distant but I now know that, he’s the one, and I want to make him happy just as much as he does with me.  

The whole idea of having side chicks and side guys


is fucking stupid. If you’re going to run to someone else just because your relationship is a bit rough at the moment then you shouldn’t be in one to begin with. Having a side chick/guy is like expecting your relationship to fail. You’re a flat out fucking pussy. Do your partner a favor by getting out of the relationship, maturing the fuck up, and trying again in a few years when you learn what commitment is. 

completely agree!

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